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MWOFRC Wards Reveal Aspirations

Wards at the MWOFRC vent their feelings to people who care. It was just an ordinary day, July 17, 2016 at the POLO Dubai but for the wards it was so significant. The Head of POLO Dubai, Labor Attache Ofelia Domingo drew herself closer to them in an unplanned workshop. It paved the way for them to open up their dreams and aspirations when they go back to the Philippines. Laughter, cries and mixed emotions surfaced. Writing down or drawing shapes on a piece of paper allow them to express fully what they feel inside. Some are hesitant and naive, though. Yet, Labatt Ofel was able to connect.

news 1 Where is the connect? They revealed their aspirations. Some of them wanted to be trained, go for further education, start a business, expand a business, look for work or go back to the work they left in the Philippines. Reality is, some of them have already had their job, a little business or had started one in our own country.

Zeny said, “I want to be trained in Cosmetology and work in a salon”. Risa told, “Sa pag-uwi ko sa Pilipinas, tutulong na lang ako sa pagpapalago ng news 2negosyo namin at alagaan ko ang anak namin.” Mary Grace expressed, “Maghahanap ako ng trabaho at muli kong bubuin ang sarili ko”. Kristine said, “I am a graduate of HRM. Pag-uwi ko sa Pilipinas, mag so SOLAS ako para maging staff ako ng cruise ship and find success”. Reyna Rose said, “ Palalaguin ko po ang tindahan ko”. Nenita said, “Nais ko pag-uwi ko magtraining sa TESDA ng massage, at magtanim ng gulay para magkaroon ng additional income,”… and a lot more.

Labatt Ofel emphasized that they have to share what they have learned from her lecture on Anti-Illegal Recruitment, starting a business and budgeting their money. The real sense of reintegration was emphasized and how could each one of them avail of the services.

Expression of gratitude to the POLO-Dubai Team, emphasizing the very cordial and caring way of managing the OFWs in the MWOFRC were heard from the sharing of the wards.

Annabel said, “Mas malinaw po na nagmeeting tayo, sana po every week po or twice a month”, Loverly shared, “Natutunan ko po ang makisama sa kapwa at maging palakaibigan, masaya po ako sa pangangalaga sa Center,” Kristel Mae said, “Hindi gaya ng inaakala ko sa mga sinasabi nilang hindi daw maganda dito, yun pa la maganda ang pamamalakad ditto at mababait ang mga staff”, Jinky said, “ Nabawasan ang bigat ng loob ko dahil sa suporta ng mga taga POLO”. Joebet gladly said, “Dito ko natutunan na di mahalaga ang sobrang dami ng pera, mahalaga ang pamilya.”.. and a lot more. Staying temporarily at the Center is nurturing them the virtues of trust in God, patience, cooperation and respect.news 3

Zeny, Risa, Mary Grace, Kristine, Reyna Rose, Nenita, Annabel, Loverly, Kristel Mae, Jinky and Joebet are just among the wards in the Center dreaming and hoping for a good future. There were 34 wards who were in the session with Labatt Ofel. The activity paved the way to firm out the rules and regulations at the Center that should be followed by the wards, updating them on the status of their cases and guiding them through in the reintegration process. – POLO Dubai, 18 July 2016

Not Anymore”, say wards going home

 Excited packing things up, the wards feel so blessed they will soon be flying back home. They share the same feelings with those who went home ahead of them. “Not anymore”, they said when asked if they would take another try.

Mae Ann, an OFW housed at MWOFRC was a victim of illegal recruitment. A graduate of HRM, she was desperate then finding job that she was captivated to the promises of the illegal recruiter. She is just one of the wards hoping to go back home soon and would not wish again to experience the same fate.

Labor Attache Ofelia Domingo gathered the wards who were scheduled to depart for Manila, 19 July 2016.  She gave them some pieces of advice and reminded that they may still venture on working abroad but they need to prepare news 4themselves their skills, knowledge and attitude. She stressed that while they intend to work abroad for their family, it is necessary also to consider the extent of social cost it would entail being away from home. She further emphasized that certain options are available in the Philippines like the reintegration program of the National Reintegration Center for OFWs (NRCO).

Tokens, bunches of chocolates, and small amounts were shared to the wards so that they would have something like “pasalubong” to their news5family. The wards are so grateful of the persistence and patience of those who facilitated in the resolution of their cases as well as the assistance provided to them at the MWOFRC.

Meanwhile, Social Welfare Attache Isabel Nillas entertained and answered the queries of the wards regarding the 4Ps and discussed with them other assistance the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has for them.

news 6 The nine wards are among the 161 wards released out of the total of 212 wards accommodated since January 2016. It revealed that 76% of the total number of wards have already been released.  This shows that POLO Dubai has exerted so much effort in looking into the resolution of the cases of the wards in the Center. Though, the release of the wards depends upon the gravity and sensitivity of the case they have.

Average intake per month is 23 wards with the highest at 43 and 13 at lowest. On the average, there is a total of 52 wards being housed at the Center every month with the highest at 65 and lowest anews 7t 38. Average number of wards released per month is 29 wards with the highest at 34 and 26 at lowest. This means that 56% of the total number of wards being housed at the Center are released per month. As of July 19, 2016, there is a total of 39 wards still remaining in the Center. Tomorrow, another batch will be repatriated, and soon in the next days, too. POLO Dubai is committed to undertake improved and facilitative way of repatriating our distressed OFWs.

POLO Dubai, 19 July 2016


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