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MWO-Dubai Advisory No. 5, Series of 2023: Clarification on the New Checklist of Requirements for Individual Contract Verification

In reference to MWO Advisory No. 1, Series of 2023 dated 11 January 2023, RE: Checklist of Requirements for Individual Contract Verification, the Migrant Workers Office – Dubai & Northern Emirates issues the following clarifications to counter misinterpretations and misleading information.

1. The new checklists of requirements DID NOT INCREASE THE NUMBER OF REQUIREMENTS (Hindi po dinagdagan ang bilang ng mga dokumentong kailangan.)

The previous number of required documents for contract verification for skilled worker was four (4) (contract, passport, visa, and additional proof of employment). Pursuant to POEA Memorandum Circular No. 17, Series of 2022, MWO-Dubai reduced the requirements to three (3) (contract, passport, and visa). The same country-specific documents required in the previous checklist were simply retained. In the case of domestic workers, the same number of requirements was maintained.

2. The additional requirements DO NOT APPLY TO EVERYONE (Hindi lahat ay hihingian ng additional na dokumento).

As indicated in the checklists, the additional requirements will only be required AS CIRCUMSTANCE MAY WARRANT, i.e., if the worker changed employers or did not have previous record, and/or if there were inconsistencies observed.

(Hihingi lamang ng additional documents kung may pagbabago sa employment ng worker o wala siyang previous record sa POEA o kung may pagkakaiba or pagdududa sa kanyang record o mga dokumento.) Kinakailangan din ang karagdagang dokumento tulad ng WPS at credentials upang patunayan na hindi binili lang ang visa at pareho ang aktwal na employer at sweldo na tinatanggap sa nakasaad sa kontrata at visa.

3. The MWO-Dubai DOES NOT COME UP WITH ITS OWN REQUIREMENTS (Hindi gumagawa n sariling requirements ang MWO-Dubai)

Changes in documentary requirements are based on issuances from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. As mentioned in MWO Advisory No. 1, S. 2023, the new checklists of requirements are based on POEA MC No. 17, S.2022. The MWO-Dubai follows the rules and regulations of the Philippine and the United Arab Emirates with regard to the employment of Overseas Filipino Workers.

4. WORKERS WHOE ACQUIRED THEIR EMPLOYMENT VISA THROUGH REGULAR MEANS NEED NOT WORRY (Hindi kailangang mag-alala kung iyong nakuha ang iyong visa sa legal na paraan).

If your employment and the documents that you have follow the UAE and Philippines’ rules and regulations, then contract verification will be done in no time.

Lastly, workers are encouraged to read and understand the requirements and other issuances instead of resorting to fabrication and spreading false information. The public is advised to refrain from propagating malicious and misleading rumors which cause public stir, confusion, and wrong information.

Please be guided accordingly.

Below is the signed official advisory.